UC Market Tracker - UCaaS

About this Research Service

The Synergy Research Group UC Market Tracker - UCaaS provides quarterly market tracking for the emerging UC as a Service (UCaaS) market. Market statistics, market shares and forecasts are published on a quarterly basis for worldwide and major geographic regions. The data is published in standard reports (excel and pivot files) as well for Synergy clients through a cloud-based research platform, Synergy Interactive Analysis (SIA).

Statistics Provided
  • Quarterly market share - current and historical
  • Annual market shares - current and historical
  • 5 year forecasts
  • Subscriber statistics
  • Total Addressable Market (TAM) size by segments
Annual Research Deliverables
  • Analyst inquiry service
  • Access to Synergy Interactive Analysis (SIA) 
  • Custom data cuts on request
  • Worldwide quarterly market share reports
  • Regional quarterly market share reports
  • Worldwide forecast reports
  • Regional forecast reports

About Synergy Research Group

Synergy provides quarterly market tracking and segmentation data on IT and Cloud related markets, including vendor revenues by segment and by region. Market shares and forecasts are provided via Synergy’s uniquely designed online database SIA ™, which enables easy access to complex data sets. Synergy’s Competitive Matrix ™ and CustomView ™ take this research capability one step further, enabling our clients to receive on-going quantitative market research that matches their internal, executive view of the market segments they compete in.

Synergy Research Group helps marketing and strategic decision makers around the world via its syndicated market research programs and custom consulting projects. For nearly two decades, Synergy has been a trusted source for quantitative research and market intelligence.

To speak to an analyst or to find out how to receive a copy of a Synergy report, please contact sales@srgresearch.com or 775-852-3330 extension 101.