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Founded in 1999, Synergy provides market intelligence and analytics for the networking and telecoms industry. Synergy’s research is used worldwide by industry leading companies, Wall Street firms, and government institutions. We specialize in providing comprehensive quantitative market data that is updated every 90 days. Through annual subscription services, Synergy offers worldwide, regional, and country-level market share data, manufacturers’ revenue, average selling prices, shipments, detailed market segmentation, forecasts and analysis. In addition to standard Excel and PDF deliverables, our custom cloud-based online research tool, Synergy Interactive Analysis (SIA ™), enables our customers to dynamically search and manipulate the data, as well as create customized market segmentation and reports tailored to their business needs.

Research Content Highlights
  • Detailed segmentation and sizing of a comprehensive list of telecom-oriented product markets – updated quarterly
  • Market share analysis by vendor for each detailed product segment – updated quarterly
  • Five-year forecasts by detailed product segment – updated every six months
  • Research content includes data by units, ports, subscriber licenses (where applicable), and revenue
  • Qualitative market analysis supporting the quantitative data
  • All data is worldwide with regional splits; most data can also be split by country
  • All data is delivered via Excel files; it can also be accessed via a flexible online database – the Synergy Interactive Analysis (SIA ™) research tool
Why Do Clients Use Synergy Research?
  • Timely – highly detailed quarterly data is available 5-8 weeks after the close of each quarter
  • Quick to cover hot new technology areas – Synergy is renowned for its ability to rapidly size, segment and forecast emerging technology markets in a comprehensive and meaningful way
  • Ability to drill down – SIA ™ enables clients to quickly and easily drill down to sub-segment levels and to specific countries or groups of countries
  • High-quality quarterly data and forecasts – over the years Synergy has built a reputation for producing accurate data that can be relied upon
  • SIA ™ tool – enables quick and easy access to the data, custom segmentation, custom report creation, and “one-click research” updates
  • Time saving – Synergy saves a huge amount of time and effort for clients in creating data sets just the way they want them
  • Flexibility and responsiveness – Synergy is highly responsive to client requests – for additional data, different data cuts, country-level details or additional market segments
  • Excel and database format – to fit all client’s individual needs

Citation Policy

SRG Citation Standards:

  • All portions of text identify Synergy Research Group as the source
  • The Synergy Research Group copyright statement (© Synergy Research Group 2023) is affixed to all graphics
  • All citations are accurate, quoted verbatim, and/or duplicated without being manipulated, adapted, paraphrased, or summarized, and must not be used out of context
  • Citations do not contain a significant portion of the data, so as not to diminish the commercial opportunity for Synergy Research Group.
    • For example, when citing a 5-year forecast, it is permissible to cite the overall totals for the 1st and 5th years of the forecast, but it is not permissible to cite data points for the intervening time)

Synergy Research Group reserves the right to change its policies or explanations of its policies at any time, without notice. These explanations and polices are for general informational purposes only and do not constitute a waiver with respect to any of Synergy Research Group's rights, all of which are specifically reserved.

Synergy Research Group reserves the right to decline any citation request.

Citation requests must be submitted to PR@srgresearch.com

Synergy Research Group has a reputation for high quality, fact driven market intelligence and analytics. To protect that reputation and standard of excellence, we have set the following guidelines for citation of our research.

The following guidelines set forth the rules for such usage.

The Synergy Research Group name and published materials are subject to trademark and copyright protection, regardless of source (including, but not limited to, diagrams, graphs, tables, and quotes).

All use of Synergy Research Group is subject to our review and approval (except for the press and clients in limited form).

Members of the Press may quote articles posted on the Synergy Research Group site without pre-approval, as long as this happens in accordance with SRG Citation Standards.

Clients may quote published research documents (for services for which they have a subscription) internally without pre-approval, as long as this happens in accordance with SRG Citation Standards.

Clients who intend to use quotes for external purposes must seek approval from Synergy Research Group and must comply with the SRG Citation Standards.

Non-clients must seek approval for any use of Synergy Research Group material regardless of whether the use if for internal or external purposes and must comply with the SRG Citation.

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