Hyperscale Market Tracker

About this Research Service

The Synergy Research Group Hyperscale Cloud Market Tracker research tracks the small number of companies who have built global networks of massive data centers that now support an increasingly large share of the cloud service market. They also account for an increasingly large share of industry spend on computing, storage and networking technology. Economies of scale are a vital ingredient to the success of cloud, which puts the hyperscale operators at the forefront of developments in the IT industry.

Information & Statistics Provided
  • Hyperscale definition
  • List of hyperscale operators
  • Hyperscale data centers
    • Current data center count, by operator and by country
    • Number and historic growth of data centers, by region
    • Number and historic growth of data centers, by operator
    • Full listing of data centers - region, city, ownership, date opened
  • Hyperscale data center pipeline
  • Capacity and growth of hyperscale data centers - critical IT load
    • MW growth by region
    • MW growth by owned-versus-leased facilities
    • Growth in average MW per data center 
  • Hyperscale operator revenue tracking data, by quarter with five years of history
  • Capex tracking by hyperscale operator, by quarter with five years of history
  • Data center spending by hyperscale operator, by quarter with five years of history
  • Hyperscale operator share of spending on data center hardware & software
    • Computing
    • Storage
    • Networking/Other
  • Hyperscale operator spending on data center leasing & colocation and data center build
  • Hyperscale operator share of key cloud markets
    • Total worldwide market size by quarter with five years of history
    • Plus hyperscale share of those markets by quarter covering:
      • Cloud Infrastructure services (IaaS, PaaS, Managed Private Cloud)
      • SaaS
  • Five-year forecast covering
    • Hyperscale operator total revenues
    • Hyperscale operator cloud service revenues
    • Hyperscale operator capex
    • Hyperscale operator spend on data center hardware & software
    • Hyperscale operator spend on data center leasing/colocation
    • Hyperscale data center installed base - worldwide and by region
    • Growth in MW of critical IT load
Research Deliverables
  • Option 1 - annual subscription
    • Initial Excel data file
    • Plus quarterly updates
    • Analyst inquiry service
  • Option 2 - one-off data report
    • Excel data file

About Synergy Research Group

Synergy provides quarterly market tracking and segmentation data on IT and Cloud related markets, including vendor revenues by segment and by region. Market shares and forecasts are provided via Synergy’s uniquely designed online database SIA ™, which enables easy access to complex data sets. Synergy’s Competitive Matrix ™ and CustomView ™ take this research capability one step further, enabling our clients to receive on-going quantitative market research that matches their internal, executive view of the market segments they compete in.

Synergy Research Group helps marketing and strategic decision makers around the world via its syndicated market research programs and custom consulting projects. For nearly two decades, Synergy has been a trusted source for quantitative research and market intelligence.

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