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About this Research Service

Clients often have questions that cannot be answered by off-the-shelf research services. They may require market data customized to their own segmentation schemes, addition of incremental segments, deeper dive into specific geographic regions, market sizing and forecasts to support a new business venture, more detailed market share performance analysis or expert views on future market developments. We offer custom-designed research tailored to your specific customer base, your specific business needs, and your business goals.

We’re selective about the projects we’ll take – we only accept projects that we’re uniquely qualified to address, and where our extensive data sets and market knowledge ensure that we’ll be able to deliver superior results.

Typically our projects help clients to answer the following types of questions:

  • How does the regional market break out by country, and what is our competitive position in each country?
  • How will the market structure change over the next five years – both geographically and by product segment?
  • Are you able to provide firmographic segmentation of your market data? What types of companies are mainly responsible for market growth?
  • How quickly will this new technology permeate the market? What does the adoption curve look like?
  • Our product is focused on a specific niche in the market – can you develop detailed market statistics to help us better understand our current market position and future growth opportunities?
  • Our product portfolio does not match the standard segmentation used by the industry – can you cut the market data to match our specific product coverage?
  • Our CEO is presenting at an important industry event – can you provide some targeted but objective market data to help position our company in the market?
  • To help our internal discussions on strategic direction, can you present your independent view on how the market is structured and how it will change over the next five years?
  • Our investors do not fully understand our market – can you provide an independent expert view on current market structure and future technology trends?

Project deliverables can be detailed data sets in Excel, customized pivot tables, extensions to Synergy’s SIA online market tracking database, written reports or white papers, PowerPoint slides, internal presentations, webinars, or keynote speeches.

Synergy Research Group has proven itself to be highly responsive and extremely flexible in meeting clients’ customized needs. It has a vast foundation of detailed market data and a supremely flexible research database tool that enables it to rapidly construct or accurately model new data sets for clients.

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About Synergy Research Group

Synergy provides quarterly market tracking and segmentation data on IT and Cloud related markets, including vendor revenues by segment and by region. Market shares and forecasts are provided via Synergy’s uniquely designed online database SIA ™, which enables easy access to complex data sets. Synergy’s Competitive Matrix ™ and CustomView ™ take this research capability one step further, enabling our clients to receive on-going quantitative market research that matches their internal, executive view of the market segments they compete in.

Synergy Research Group helps marketing and strategic decision makers around the world via its syndicated market research programs and custom consulting projects. For nearly two decades, Synergy has been a trusted source for quantitative research and market intelligence.

To speak to an analyst or to find out how to receive a copy of a Synergy report, please contact or 775-852-3330 extension 101.