Polycom Pulls Away from Cisco in APAC Videoconferencing Market

Reno, NV – The fourth quarter of 2011 saw Polycom leap ahead of Cisco to once again take pole position in the race for leadership of APAC’s booming videoconferencing and telepresence equipment market – it accounted for 34% of APAC revenues during the quarter. Cisco was the market leader in the first quarter and the two were close in the second, but 4Q11 saw Cisco revenues decrease from 3Q11, while Polycom’s revenues jumped by 22%. For the year as a whole Polycom achieved a 32% market share, with Cisco lagging by six percentage points. Huawei and Sony were the next largest equipment vendors in this market.

APAC VC & TP graphic

Annual videoconferencing equipment revenues in the region jumped by no less than 33% from 2010 to 2011, while globally the market grew by 31% to reach almost USD3 billion for the year. While Polycom leads the APAC market, it is Cisco that is the clear number one in terms of worldwide market share.

“Aggressive growth of the videoconferencing and telepresence market is being driven by four main factors – maturing technology, falling technology costs, a drive to reduce operating costs and a desire to increase the efficiency of executive-level management” said Synergy Research Group’s Jeremy Duke. “And the market is not restricted to countries with the most advanced economies, as evidenced by China which accounted for 29% of the 2011 regional total.”

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